Pakistan Microfinance Network in collaboration with PACRA Analytics has organized a Bootcamp on Microfinance Enterprise Risk Management in October 2019 where 50 persons attended the certification program representing from tiers such as Microfinance Banks, Non-Bank Microfinance companies, donors, regulators, multilaterals and investors under one roof to participate in a series of interactive and informative sessions.

This 5-day certification program was organized to provide an in-depth understanding of risks facing all segments of microfinance industry and opportunities that are there to capture for growth and profit.
The key features of the Certification Program included:

  1. Detailed review and analysis of each critical factor that will create conditions in which the galaxy of
    enabling ecosystems will evolve to support the goal and mission of full financial inclusion for accelerated growth.
  2. To share microfinance industry concerns and listen to what both the regulators (SECP and SBP) expect from the industry.
  3. Special sessions are included to make it more comprehensive.
  4. A unique opportunity for participants to Connect, and Collaborate with practitioners as well as their peers, who share the same interests and concerns, and Learn from industry leaders about how to apply and benefit from the 21st Century advancements in Risk Management and Compliance.